1. Arrive in the Netherlands
  2. Amsterdam - Friesland (North of the Netherlands)
  3. Friesland - Groningen
  4. Groningen – Gelderland (East)
  5. Gelderland – Limburg (South)
  6. Stationary day in 'The Dutch Mountains'
  7. Limburg - Zeeland (West)
  8. Zeeland - Zuid-Holland
  9. Zuid-Holland - Amsterdam
  10. Departure

The following description is just an example of travelling through the Netherlands. It is no more than just an example. The actual tour may be a little different. In case our guests ask for it we like to fit in special days like visiting the MotoGP races, Canal Pride, World Harbor Days, 4 Day Marches etc etc. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you would like to do something else. For more information about these special days check the special events section below.

So description below is just an example. The real tour may be different.



Day 1 Arrival in the Netherlands

Day distance : 19 km by bus + 50 km by motorcycle
High lights : Haarlem, beach, Amsterdam, food
Accommodation: Resort just outside Amsterdam
Excursions: For the diehards:visiting Amsterdam

Welcome to the Netherlands. You have landed at four meters below sea level as Schiphol International Airport is located on the bottom of a former lake. Some of you will arrive by plane.

We hope you enjoyed the motor ride through our beautiful country. Some of you will drive their own motorcycle to Amsterdam.

For both groups: if you like, take your watch off, shut your cell phone off and enjoy eight days of freedom, pleasure and fun.

After your arrival in the hotel we invite you for a welcome drink and you will also have time to rest, but afterwards there is work to do - you will meet your chosen motorbike: a Honda or BMW.

For the first ride we’ll stay together as we make a trip around Amsterdam. On the way we will stop for a cup of coffee in a real Dutch beach club or café. Then we drive through the salty sea air enjoying the North Sea coast. Can you imagine what it is to live in an old factory?  We will show you the way we converted an old factory into an appartment building. If there is still time left: we will go to Haarlem, where we can find some beautiful buildings from the Golden Century.

Of course we'll visit our best known bathing resort: Zandvoort*. Being in Zandvoort we can't miss a visit to the beach: sand, sea, sun, sea gulls or perhaps an ice-cream or a quick dip into the sea? Through Bloemendaal aan Zee, our most expansive beach resort, we continue our little lope.

In the evening there is time for the die hards to explore Amsterdam (drop-off and pick-up service by ProHolland) to see if Amsterdam is exactly as the stories tell! It’s also a good opportunity to have your first Dutch dinner: enjoy the tasty food in one of the many restaurants in the Jordaan (people's district) or on the Zeedijk (sailor’s district). Or you can enjoy: a boat trip at night through the many canals; a visit to the Vondelpark, the Red Light district or perhaps enjoying a beer on the Leidseplein where street musicians play each evening. Everything is possible; the choice is up to you.

Please note: we travel early tomorrow …

* if it is sunny weather: bring your swimsuit for a quick dip in the sea.



Day 2 Amsterdam - Friesland

Day distance : 165 km
High lights : Beemster, Enkhuizen, Marken, Zaanse schans, worlds longest sea barrier,
Accommodation: beautiful little hotel
Excursions: evening drive, cozy Harlingen, eat eel, nice outsite terras at habour


Your first experience of the day: a traffic jam! In the Randstad -the western part of the Netherlands- it is always very busy. Especially every morning during rush hour. Please be careful. A small tour through down town Amsterdam teaches you about long lost times, the culture and the architecture. Old buildings are converted into modern family homes on the islands Java and Borneo. You’ll drive through many different tunnels under the waterways of Amsterdam.

Quickly you leave the motorway and the chaos of the city behind you. You feel that real motorcycle riding is to cruise along small, narrow and most of all curved roads. For example: in the Beemster, which contains de Zaanse Schans, a group of century old mills still remains.  Stop here!

Next scenes: Enkhuizen, Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken, authentic Dutch fishermen towns, where you simply have to taste smoked eel. A real Dutch delicacy! In one of these little villages you can enjoy lunch.  Obviously a visit to Alkmaar, the cheese center of the world, can't be missed.

The North Sea is the busiest sea in the world: many shipping movements are registered each day. To get there we have to cross the Noord-Holland-Kanaal and to do this, we use a floating bridge and a cable boat, the last ones in Holland.
Dunes and forests appear on our left and an empty clay ground (to grow flower bulbs) on our right.

Highlight: ride the world's longest sea dike, the Afsluitdijk 36 km, towards Friesland. It has to protect the Northern part of The Netherlands against the sea (storms). Half way you can pull over at the monument to have a good look around.

Just after the longest sea dike Harlingen is waiting. The harbor is located down town. Eating in the open air. Looking at old ships. Enjoying the evening sun. Hearing the strange Frisian Dutch accent. Can you think of a better way to end the day?

If you have the energy for some more driving we are more than willing to do an evening loop through Friesland.  Just ask. Perhaps the sea shore is more attractive. Again: it is all up to you.




Day 3 Friesland Drenthe

Day distance : 185 km
High lights : elf steden, terp, Frisian horses, sea bottom, Martini toren
Accommodation : cabin
Excursions suggestions : boating on a lake, watch documentary, bbq

Friesland is the county of "the eleven-city-tour" (Elfstedentocht). A legendary 200 km long speed skating tournament on natural ice. You'll visit its most northern city: Bartlehiem. Do you know what a 'terp' is? No? It has to do with the constant threat of high water from the sea. Today you'll visit the highest one at Hegebeintum. 

This part of the Netherlands is home to the Frisian horse and Frisian cows. Entirely black horses and the finest milk cows in the world. This is also the country of proud and stubborn, but friendly people, dikes and uncountable lakes. Friesland even has its own language! Hopefully you'll hear it today.

Lemmer has world's biggest, still working, steam powered water pumping station. It is still in service to fight potential high water levels. Do you like steam engines? Drive over and take a look. It's a stunning drive through 'the land of the thousand lakes'.

Over the smallest, narrowest and very winding roads you'll drive in the direction of Groningen, the other Northern province. Groningen just like Friesland, has its own strong spirit. You guessed it already: that must be tasted (sadly this has to wait till the evening!) You'll drive at the wrong site of the sea barrier for a while. Between sheep. So be careful (note: in case of a spring tide this isn't possible).

The day ends at the Grote Markt (marked square) in Groningen. It’s a student’s city, where one of Holland’s best known church towers still stands: the Martini Toren. If there’s time left: climbing this church tower will give you a breathtaking view over the city.

You'll have to start your motorbike for a last time today. This ride will take you from the market square in Groningen to the place where you'll sleep in about 30 minutes. When everything is according to plan: a BBQ is waiting for you to arrive.

During the day you'll see much more. Natural gas storage, Zoutkamp's harbor, a radar outpost, a giant 'toaster', Mud-hole (Moddergat), boating on a lake  etc.



Day 4 Groningen Gelderland

Day distance : 175 km
High lights : Sunrise tour, hunnebed, tree crown path, museum village, ride on a solex, bridge at Arnhem
Accommodation : Everyone his/her own B&B
Excursions suggestions : None

For the early birds, there will be a sunrise tour. You’ll drive away in darkness in search of the most beautiful spots to see the sunrise.

If you want to sleep late: no problem. We will be back again before breakfast!

First (or second … ) thing of today: we'll travel further North towards the low lands (which used to be the bottom of the sea). This is also worth to pay a visit. As far as the eye can see, there are yellow fields of colza (biofuel). Then you’ll drive on the other side of the dike: on the side of the sea. And even on the bottom of the sea, where at high tide during the winter the land will float.
After the North it is now time to explore the rest of The Netherlands. Leave the open landscape behind you and drive in the direction of the forests in Drenthe, Overijssel and Gelderland.

"The Tree Crown Path" in the forest near Borger is a true experience. We will walk through the tree tops and enjoy a bird’s eye view. Also, a visit to a hunnebed is a must. If you want to learn what a hunnebed is all about, come to Borger.

Suggestion: drive on to Slochteren, one of the largest gas production fields of Western Europe. Shall we say: the Texas of the Netherlands? We have oil as well: the landscape will show dozens of notters (equipment from Texas, which is used to get oil out of the ground).

Orvelte, Holland’s most beautiful museum village will be our next stop. It’s another highlight of your trip. Stay a while longer to examine old Dutch crafts and take a good look at the old houses, which are still used today.
Something you simply have to do is driving on so called "kinder kopjes". It’s bumpy, slippery and not very comfortable: but unique. Unfortunately these roads are disappearing very rapidly. They are made of small boulders and are often hundreds of years old.

In the afternoon we pass the peat fields of Klazinaveen. Peat was the fuel used in the old days, but today it is raw material used in medicine.

The goal for the evening is to make it to Arnhem. Take an opportunity to reflect on history from World War II by crossing the bridge at Arnhem. Here the Allied forces were stopped by the Germans for a couple of months. At that time Southern Netherlands was free, but the North was entering the worst winter of the war, winter 1944-1945.

Sleeping arrangements: the group will be divided into pairs and each pair will be assigned their own B&B. This evening there is time to idle, watch some television, chat with the owners or like Dutch people: sip a cup of coffee.


We almost forget to mention: in the middle of the day you’ll have the opportunity to drive a front wheel operated motorcycle. This will be a great experience.



Day 5 Gelderland Limburg

Day distance : 198 km
High lights : Nature park de Hoge Veluwe - Relax monastery – Beer - Driving the Dutch mountains - fun
Accommodation : A real cozy Limburgse Inn
Excursions suggestions : Valkenburg

Sleep in and enjoy your breakfast. Today will be a lazy day. At 10.30 am the group will meet you at the cafe restaurant De Geuselt. How do you get there? Wait and see, it’s taken care of. Perhaps right now you’re convinced that the Netherlands is flat, but Limburg, Holland’s most Southern province is far from flat. Dutch people refer to Limburg as: the Dutch mountains! Possibly it’s the most picturesque province of the Netherlands. It’s certainly the place to drive curvy roads and later, enjoy Dutch beer.

To get there you have to cross the Hoge Veluwe, Holland’s largest National nature park, you'll drive through century old alleys with old oaks and linden trees. Imagine 300 years ago knights galloped on their way through this area.

You can eat an early lunch at Hotel de Wereld. It is here, at the end of the World War II, the Germans signed officially their unconditional surrender: an extremely valuable place and time in our nation’s history. Here you are able to hear about our charismatic prince Bernard. He was born in Germany, married former Queen Juliana, fought World War II at the allied side and represented the Netherlands during the capitulation of his own country of birth.

If your group chooses to dine together it is possible to dine inside a cave tonight at Berg en Terblijt, where some beautiful old mergel (lime stone) caves can be found.

You will sleep at de Watermolen (Watermill), a basic but cozy family inn, you won’t find a bathtub in your room but you’ll find a small indoor cafe to enjoy a delicacy, which is only available in the Netherlands.

Our suggestion for the evening: if you don’t like the little café go to Valkenburg, a real tourist place around the corner where you can canoe, visit a spa, gamble in a casino or go shopping. Drop-off and pick-up service by ProHolland.

If the weather is nice, there will be an evening ride into Germany. Germany is one of the few countries in the world where speeds limits do not apply on their motorways.

If there are motorists who would like to drive a few extra kilometers, it is possible to do an extra morning tour. You’ll join the group at restaurant de Geuselt at 10:30am. Just tell your guide.



Day 6 A day in the 'Dutch Mountains'

Day distance : o km (or 150 km)  
High lights : riding a bicycle inside the Dutch mountain or driving a motorcycle through the Dutch mountains   
Accommodation : same as last night  
Excursions suggestions : numerous! Ask for ProHolland-guide-book  

Today we do not travel from one hotel to another. Today we stay at the same place. Simply because this is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.

Today is the day to do some serious shopping. Or some hard core sitting at an outdoor terrace.  Or even better: purchase a newsletter from home to read the country is doing well without you! Perhaps a swim, a walk or a nice stroll on a bicycle. Of course we also offer a motor tour through this magnificent landscape.  

Valkenburg, our town to sleep, has an excellent spa. Next door a casino. Also a coal mine. The city center has numerous restaurants with outdoor tables and a dozen of little boutiques.

Anyway it is all up to you, what you want to do. Like it is everyday. Ask for our ‘ProHolland-guide’ it contains lots of nice suggestions to spend the day.  One is free on our account:  you can hop on a bicycle to peddle inside a mountain. This is a very special experience.

Of course we offer a ride too. So if you prefer to ride your motorcycle join us or perhaps even better: do it your self. We have GPS-systems available to ride through the hills of Limburg. It is even possible to do both: cycling and motorcycling.




Day 7 Limburg Zeeland

Day distance : 178 km
High lights :

visiting Margraten, very nice tour through Limburg, eat at a privat home

Accommodation : Farmer’s house
Excursions suggestions : Eat in a private home, beach, a swimm in the sea,

Your first stop will be an American one. Margraten is not Dutch property, it is owned by the United States. More than 8400 American soldiers are buried here. ProHolland has invited a special guide to tell you about the events of World War II. About the heavy fights to liberate the Netherlands. This stop isn’t fun like we want to offer. On the other hand it is good to know, honor and be thankful to these brave men. They gave us our freedom back. Our happiness and also our fun to live again.

It is only about 60 kilometers to the Belgium border, but it will take you at least 3 hours to get there. Don’t think this is caused because you drive at a very low speed. Curves, hills and most of all the very narrow roads will do the trick. The tour of today will  demand a lot of your driving skills! But we are sure you’ll like it.

Next, on to Belgium, which is a completely different country and you’ll soon discover why. Take a good look around. You will drive mostly at the highway, because you have to go back into the Netherlands a.s.a.p. to save time: Zeeland is waiting.

Today you will reach Zeeland, a group of islands linked by bridges, tunnels and sea barriers. Here the most impressive flood defense system has been built to protect the South-Western part of the Netherlands against the sea. It gives a special feeling to drive over the Haringvlietdam (a special sea barrier, it can open and close): is mankind really stronger than nature? The sea gives, but also takes, as we've learned from the floods of 1953.

But this has to wait till tomorrow. Today you will first enjoy the fruit farms, a sea fort, lovely little villages, a nuclear power plant, the harbor in Vlissingen, dunes and of course again the salty sea air, which you also inhaled the first day.

For the ones who like to join: tonight we will offer a traditional Dutch meal at grand mothers house. This is also one of the excursions ProHolland offers you for free. These old recipes are special and you probably won’t find them anywhere, not even in the best restaurants. The old gals like a real herd of happy people. The others can have a diner at the beach. Not a bad idea either. Have fun!

Domburg is a real characteristic village, formed by the threat of the sea, the wind and the hard life. On the other hand it has developed itself into a pleasant tourist spot, where the Dutch coziness comes to life. This is where you will be spending the evening.



The beach is nearby. Is there a better way to spend time watching the sunset over the North Sea? A campfire, some wine and a few tales will do the rest.



Day 8 Zeeland Zuid-Holland

Day distance : 155 km
High lights : Europoort, Koerhaus, Scheveningen, Cube houses, Delfshaven, White house, The International Court of justice, Madurodam.
Accommodation : Luxury hotel
Excursions suggestions : Sunset tour, beach club, sea shore walk

To get to Rotterdam, you have to cross the several islands and bridges of Zeeland. The first one the Zeelandbrug (1962), was built during construction of the Delta Works (1950-1997). Rotterdam is the world’s second largest harbour: the Europoort. Beside a tour round the port, please take a look at the Bulb and Cube Houses and visit the centuries old Delfshaven. Of course you’ll simply have to cross the Goose (a famous bridge at Rotterdam). Last but not least: the White House! Yes we have one too. Actually it was the first, and at that time, the highest sky scrapper (43 meters dating 1898) in Europe.

In short: culture and architecture in modern and old Rotterdam

Today’s coffee break will be a ‘Dutch moment’. Buy a cup of coffee and ProHolland will offer you a real Dutch treat along with it.

Do you remember de Zaanse Schans from the second day? Today you can visit our second windmill site: Kinderdijk (childernsdike) Kinderdijk is an UNESCO site.

After all that, you’ll leave Rotterdam for a visit to The Hague and Scheveningen.

Madurodam (located in Scheveningen): The Netherlands has been reconstructed here on scale and it gives you a beautiful overview of what you have seen the previous week. Here you can take a good look and have lunch.

After lunch: it’s the sea again. You visit Scheveningen, a famous beach resort with the legendary Kurhaus (grand hotel / restaurant), and take a dive in the sea but if you’re not a swimmer, ProHolland gladly organizes some afternoon driving.

Tonight you'll sleep in an excellent hotel: perhaps the finest facility on the trip.

After dinner, there will be a possibility for an evening ride. But other options include: going to the beach, to the casino, a theatre, or visit the ‘Pier’.



Day 9 Zuid-Holland Amsterdam

Day distance : 169 km
High lights : Utrecht, Leiden, canals, castles, party
Accommodation : Same hotel as the first night
Excursions suggestions : Amsterdam!!

Leiden. This century old University City in Zuid-Holland deserves a visit. The atmosphere of the Golden Century has perhaps been best kept and remained in Leiden. If you like, take a city tour.

Today you will complete your trip through the Netherlands. You will be stopping at Utrecht. The canals of Amsterdam are world famous, but the canals of Utrecht are the most beautiful. If time allows: hire a canoe to explore the Utrecht canals.

Lunch: ProHolland will organize a picnic in a vineyard. A taste will be okay, but if you like, purchase a bottle for later.

After this highlight you’ll ride through an agriculture landscape; quiet, wide open spaces and clean air. And for one last time, enjoy the fact you don't have to do anything.

You have one last evening. And although the plane leaves early next morning, you can still party tonight! You should arrive mid-afternoon In Amsterdam. Giving you enough time to buy souvenirs or other goodies. Just do whatever you want to do!

ProHolland gladly provides a drop-off and pick-up service.



Day 10 Departure from the Netherlands

We will do our utmost best to bring you to the airport in time!

We sincerely hope the trip has been an unforgettable one. We wish you a pleasant flight, uncountable memories and hope to see you again.

If you have enjoyed the trip, then please spread the word.


The Staff of ProHolland


The above description of the trip is by far from complete. It is impossible to pin point EVERYTHING what you'll see, smell, feel and experience. We are convinced, that after this trip you can say in all honesty: I have experienced the Netherlands and met its people. This small country with tulips, windmills, drugs and prostitutes. Besides the normal tourist scenes, ProHolland hopes to have shown you our land just like the Dutch know it - the real Netherlands.

Price: fill in a reservation form and the right price will show up (see reservation section).




All the excursions and fieldtrips incorporated in this brochure are included in the total travel sum as well as the use of other means of transport, when necessary, such as mentioned in this brochure. Of course it is all up to you to take part in the different travel components. Think free, be free!
Bad weather: you put on your rain gear (provided by ProHolland).
Very bad weather: ProHolland will happily create some ‘indoor extras’.

The 'extras' mentioned in the tour calender are not incleded.



Special events

Depending the dates of arrival, it is sometimes possible to visit special events. For example, every year there are motor GP races on the TT circuit of Assen. It is the biggest Dutch motor sport event. Or visit the Gay-Parade in Amsterdam. Or the summer carnival in Rotterdam.
Of course ProHolland will do its utmost best, to make all the special events available if participants are interested.

Some of the events mentioned above are free, some are not.

Do you want to know more about these special events? Click on the hyperlink and you will be forwarded to the official website of this event.

In random order:

Tulip Gardens (Keukenhof Lisse)

March 24th till May 16th 2016

Where Dutch bulb producers compete for display space. Of the 10,000 bulb growers in the Netherlands only 100 are selected to donate bulbs for the display.

Click here to be forwarded to the website of the Tulip Gardens

King day (Koningsdag)

April 27th 2016

The anniversary of our King is a National holiday, which is celebrated by street parties and other events.

Click here to look at Flicker (photo site) to get an impression off King day

Click here to go to the official site of our King day

She is now one of our Prinsesses. A portret of our new King isn't ready jet.....

Flag Day (Vlaggetjes dag Scheveningen)

June 18th 2016

Always the first Saturday of June
Arrival of the first catch of herring

Dutch moto GP races Assen (TT Assen)

June 26th 2016

The TT Circuit Assen has been the home of motorcycle racing for 78 years and hosts the Dutch grand prix and since 1992 the World Super bikes, two classic events on the World Championship calendar. These events attract massive crowds and offer of course a great atmosphere. This year for the first time ever the MotoGP races are at a Sunday!!!

Click here to go to the TT-Assen website

International Four Day Marches Nijmegen
(Nijmeegse vierdaagse)

July 19th till 22th 2016

The largest marching event in the world. It is organized every year in Nijmegen in mid-July as a means of promoting sport and exercise. Participants walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometers daily, and, on completion, receive a royally approved medal (Vierdaagsekruis)

Click here to be forwarded to the Day Marches website

The Black cross (Zwarte cross Lichtenvoorde)

July 22sd till 24th 2016

The black motocross is a mixture of sports, music, camping and a lot of bizarre stunts. This gives a good impression of how crazy the Dutch can be.

Click here to go to the Black Cross website or for pictures click here    

Sadly but this event is already SOLD OUT

Amsterdam marathon

October 16th 2016

Click here for the Amsterdam Marathon website

Rotterdam dance parade

August, second Saturday, 2016 ????? Due to safety issues the last edition was back in 2010. Every year the organisation tries to start this great dance event again but they have no succes up till this day............

A parade of vehicles equipped with strong loudspeakers and amplifiers. People dance on the street moving slowly forward together with the dance music.

Due to safety problems last year it is not sure there will be another Dance parade in 2016

Gay pride Amsterdam

August 6st 2016

Street parties in all gay areas and of course the world famous Canal Parade.

Click here to go to the gay pride site

World Port Days (Wereld haven dagen Rotterdam)

September 2sd till 4th 2016

The world port days are organized yearly in Rotterdam. It is a showcase for the city of Rotterdam, one of the largest ports of the world. The event draws large crowds and the river Maas is turned into a lively spectacle of boats.

click here to know more

Monument day (open monumentendag)

September 10th + 11th 2016

All National monuments are open for free

City Racing Rotterdam (F1 Rotterdam)

August 21st 2016

Formula One demonstration and a parade of international racecars and racing drivers, held on the streets of Rotterdam

Liberation day (bevrijdingsdag)

May 5th 2016

Special Liberation Day events are organized all over the country: festivals, music, flee markets and gatherings.

Summer Carnival Parade Rotterdam

July 29th - 31st 2016

Rio in Holland!! One day each year Rotterdam is Latin. Rotterdam is hot like Rio de Janeiro.

Click here to see more


Diving into our history will be extra fun at one of the following days.

May 14th - 15th 2016: National windmill day
May 16th 2016: National catsle day
September 10th + 11th 2016: National monument weekend

Many more events, festivals, celebrations, national holidays and more are listed in a file below. The list too long to publish at this web site. If you want to know more about something mentioned in the list: just sent us an e-mail and we will see what we can do.

Click here to see all the fun days in the Netherlands.



Special wishes

Special wishes

Special Wishes?

Travelling with ProHolland means it's absolutely no problem to fit special wishes in your travel itinery. We will do our utmost best to see if we can implement your requests.
Please tell us your wishes before arrival. If there are any extra costs it will be discussed with you in advance. To do so simply send us an emai: info@proholland.com





Eating herring

By now it must be clear: ProHolland offers so much more. Yes, we will visit the normal tourist spots mentioned in the day-to-day description. But the real highlights you live throughout your trip. It’s the feeling we will offer you as you experience our Dutch way of life:
front wheel driven bikes; cycling inside a mountain; walking through tree tops; milking a cow; sleeping on water; walking through the old city off Amsterdam; eating at grandma’s table; enjoying lunch inside a vineyard; riding at what used to be the bottom of the sea; visiting old World War II bunkers; eating eel; crossing the longest sea barrier on earth; visiting a monastery; etc. etc. But most off all you will have enough time to enjoy the experience while you have fun and drink an extra beer at one of our many beach clubs or cafés. Meet locals! And finally, if you like, have quality time for yourself with the group or alone. A week in the Netherlands will give your so much it will last at least a year!



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